What Is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is an easy concept to understand – it just takes a bit of thinking about. To break it down into two parts, a niche is a small slice of the market at which products or services are aimed at. For example mobility scooters are aimed at older people – this is an example of a niche product, and older people are an example of a niche market. Niches don’t have to be classified by age though, they can be determined on sex, sexual orientation, geography, religion or profession. We all know what marketing is – it’s the advertising and promoting products to make people want to buy them.

So now we’re familiar with the term niche marketing we can see that it’s a process where businesses try to reach out to a specific niche to let them know they have a product or service available, which may interest them – obviously in the hope that anyone who sees this product will go out and buy it. Because niche marketing isn’t the same as mass marketing (marketing for products or services nearly everyone uses), it can be a little harder to narrow down the habits of a niche, and to effectively reach them – but it can be done.

Before a business can start advertising their goods, they need a good idea of who will buy them. There’s no point in businesses spending thousands on advertising if it’s being put in the wrong place. An example of this would be a website that sells computer games advertising in a magazine for elderly people. Clearly there’s no relation there between the product and the audience – very few elderly people are likely to own a games console, let alone want to buy games for one. Advertising in such a manner is a waste of an advertising budget, so companies make an effort to establish the habits of the niche they’re targeting their products at.

A new online retailer selling electronic goods such as headphones may want to spend their advertising budget on social media campaigns. They would be tapping straight into the demographic their product is aimed at; younger people with access to mobile devices and/or computers/laptops who want to listen to their music. An advertising budget spent on a social media campaign would likely drum up far more business than a campaign of small ads published in the local newspaper. How many young people read the local paper? Even if they do, advertising via local press isn’t the best option for online businesses as it immediately restricts the geographical area their ad campaign is seen by.

The best example of niche marketing is found in your local newsagents. Open a specialist publication and you’ll find many pages of adverts for related businesses. Fishing magazines contain a lot of ads from fishing shops – just like computer magazines will contain many adverts for computer firms.

Niche marketing is all about knowing your market and knowing their habits. You could have all the money in the world but if your niche marketing strategy is wrong your campaign could still fail completely.

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How To Get Started As An Affiliate

Getting started as an affiliate marketer is really not that hard – in fact it’s as easy as signing up to Clickbank. Of course signing up to Clickbank is quick and easy – the real struggle will come when it comes to getting people to click on your affiliate link but if you have a website and a Clickbank account, you’re 90% of the way there.

Depending on how well established your website is, you’ll need to choose a product to market. If you’re planning on affiliate marketing on an established website you’ll not want to be altering the course of the site’s focus – so make sure you pick a product directly relevant to the content of your site. If on the other hand you’re starting a site with the sole purpose of making some money from affiliate marketing, then you’re in a much better position in some respects.

Assuming you’re building your site around your affiliate marketing plan, you need to research a viable niche and find a product to market. Clickbank is full of great ideas, but be careful not to pick a product that the world and his dog are marketing – because as a new affiliate you’ll find it extremely hard to start selling products.

Everything from the content on your site to the domain name itself will help you in your quest to become a successful affiliate marketer – so make sure you take your time in picking the niche, and find a domain that’s suitable. Keyword research is also essential, so you can establish just how you’ll go about incorporating search engine optimisation (SEO) into your website. Perhaps the best way for a new website starting out is to have a few articles written including popular keywords, to drive your position in search engine results towards the top of the list.

Another way to drive people to your site is by using a pay per click model, advertising your site on other people’s pages. It’s not cheap, but it’s a sure way to build some traffic, although that traffic is likely to be fickle and unless you can really grab people’s attention they won’t stay on your site for long.

The main thing when starting out as an affiliate is having hits on your site. You can have the best website in the world but if no one visits you’re not going to sell a single product, which kind of defeats the object of being an affiliate marketer. Those who already have an established website generating lots of hits are at an advantage because they’ve got an audience to market to – although they have to find products their audience will like, which isn’t always easy. Those manufacturing an audience with the sole purpose of marketing to them have a much easier task when it comes to finding a product to market.

Done properly, affiliate marketing is a great business to make a part-time or full-time income.

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